Main Food Menu


Ciabetta, cripsy Italian bread, served with virgin olive oil or NZ farm butter $7
Crispy Garlic and herb bread  $8
Crostini, grilled sliced bread with with olive tapenade, capsicum relish & fresh tomato basil $9


Soup of the day $11

Anti Pasti - Entree

A board selection of Italian cold cuts, cheeses, olives & roasted vegetables $17.90
Smoked salmon carpaccio served with mescalin & parmesan vinaigrette  $17.90
Duck rillettes & foie gras pate, with giardiniera salad and crostini bread $16.90
Prawns & calamaris, lightly fried with a yoghurt aioli sauce $17.90
Garlic prawns, fresh prawns sauteed in olive oil with fresh parsley & garlic $17.90
Rollatini eggplants with ricotta & prosciutto, grill with cheese in napolini sauce $16.90


Spaghettini with local prawns, fresh Italian parsley, garlic and cream sauce $26.90
Spaghettini alle vongole, with clams, white wine, fresh parsley and chili $26.90
Fettucini with fresh mushrooms, garlic, spring onions & cream $22.90
Fettucini with parma ham, zucchini, eggplant and plum tomato sauce $21.90
Fettucini with fresh plum tomato meat sauce $18.90
Homemade spinach and ricotta cannelloni with Napoli sauce and cheese $21.50
Famous squid ink pasta with local fresh prawns and white truffle oil $28.90


Fresh salad with herbs, Spanish red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers & olives $12.90
Mozza caprese salad, roasted vine tomatoes, with bocconccini & drizzle basil pesto $16.90

Main Courses

Slow roasted iberico Pork Belly
served with a beautiful wild mushroom risotto, red cabbage and soft egg
Fillet of Beef
with a Jameson pepper cream sauce, garden vegetables & cream potatoes
with a variation of mushrooms port & shallot sauce, garden vegetables & cream potatoes
Slow braised melted Wagyu beef cheeks
in Italian red wine and vegetables served with a freshly herbed and a buttery mashed potato
Duck leg confit
Fagioli bean casserole with confit of duck, tender smoked pork belly and Italian sausage
Free Range Chicken or Milk Fed Veal  
Milanese, lightly crumbed with fresh lemon wedges and mescalin lettuce $25.90
Pan fried with rosemary, grilled eggplant, tomato soffrito and mozzarella $26.90
With melted French echalottes, foie gras mousse and marsala sauce $29.90
With fresh clams in a light Sherry tomato wine, garlic and parsley sauce $29.90
With cheese, prosciutto, white wine and pink cream sauce $29.90
With a variety of mushrooms & with a demi glaze port wine cream sauce $29.90
Fish of the day  
Grilled with lemon butter and fresh herb sauce $27.90
Pan fried with baby tomatoes, Italian parsley, black olives, garlic virgin olive oil $29.90